Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to Plan A

knight and castle sketch
Upon looking at this knight and castle sketch again, I decided I liked the original dimensions better, so I lopped off the top and bottom sections. One of the reasons why I tried to alter the composition in the first place was so that it would fit this 16" x 20" piece of masonite that I planned to use for the painting. That's often not a good idea. It's best to match the board or canvas to the original composition, not the other way around. I knew better, but thought I would try it anyway.

khalan color rough
Another painting that I'm going to start is of Khalan, a main character in the Sword of Truth books, which has just been turned into a tv series- Legend of the Seeker. I'm basing this painting on reference of the tv show character. She's in the woods, with an ancient oak tree in the middle ground, to the right of her. It turns out that this composition fits the masonite almost perfectly, so I'll use it for this painting.

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